Our consultants provide tailored, dynamic and innovative health, safety and risk management services in partnership with our clients nationally.  Our approach is collaborative.  We will support you to solve problems and transform your organisation's safety and performance.


Our mission is to maximise human and organisational potential through targeted and solution-focussed health, safety and risk management consulting services.


 We are small and that’s the way we like it.  As a boutique provider, we have the time and energy to be focused on our clients and to understand their issues and needs.  Our small but experienced team of consultants see the bigger picture in addition to the detail and will tailor our guidance and solutions in direct consultation with you.

How we work with you

• Listening to and considering your goals and objectives

• Using a coaching and consultative approach

• Ensuring systems are  efficient, effective and contributing to your business

• Implementing dynamic, innovative and value adding solutions.

supporting your health, safety and risk management

about us

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Shared Safety + Risk's Director, Sue Chennell

Sue started professional life as a Physiotherapist and quickly moved into working with elite sports teams and professional athletes where maximising individual and team performance was always the goal.


When sore thumbs drew her into injury prevention and ergonomics Sue quickly saw that the workplace was not dissimilar to the sports field. Creating healthy and safe workspaces and people not only amplify human potential but also that of teams and organisations more broadly.


Fast forward 15 years in the health and safety industry and as Director of the bespoke Shared Saftey and Risk consultancy, Sue’s passions still lie in people. Observing, collaborating with and coaching individuals, teams and her clients to solve problems and integrate health and safety management into the day to day.


Sue’s other passions are the ocean, travel, her partner and her toddler daughter (most of the time!).


As a skilled people manager, Sue has built an experienced, mature yet dynamic team of associate consultants committed to Shared Safety Risk’s collaborative approach.



our services

WHS Gap Analysis


We provide ongoing face-to-face, small group or phone coaching to assist with enabling leaders, developing safety coaches and shaping new habits. Along your safety and change journey we aim to be your trusted advisor and sounding board.



Through conducting independent WHS reviews, Shared Safety and Risk provides organisations a clear line of sight in respect to how effective their current health and safety arrangements are. Our reviews verify whether an organisation’s safety arrangements (system design, implementation and engagement) are effectively eliminating and controlling safety risks.

Risk Profiling


Determining your greatest workplace health and safety issues and what risk control measures are required is the most effective starting point for creating your organisation’s health and safety vision and executing what's required. Shared Safety and Risk can partner and support you through this process from end to end.

Systems Development


Shared Safety and Risk can determine where your organisation is now with regards to managing work health and safety and bridging that gap to where you need to be.

We listen to what your operational and WHS goals are and work out the steps to get you there. We have a comprehensive working knowledge of relevant work health and safety legislation, standards and codes of practice but will always provide you with practical solutions.



Sometimes you need audits for compliance, sometimes for certification, sometimes for self-insurance. Even when that’s the case we always make sure our experienced and professional auditors add value and promote business improvement.

Climate Evaluation


We use  validated surveys, focus groups and consultation to establish  e a temperature check of  your current  culture around health and safety. Finding your organisation's 'WHY' around safety and coaching workers and leaders to interact and  communicate around safety and promtire sitiuational awareness create a transformed and engaged culture around health and safety.

Training Programs & Workshops


We love facilitating engaging and idea-provoking training sessions and workshops customised for your organisation. From general health and safety awareness to practical risk management training to safety culture, leadership or company-specific topics. Talk to us about how we can engage your workers in health and safety.

Coaching & Mentoring


WHS systems are a formal, top-down foundation for the management of risk. Critical for demonstrating due diligence and legal compliance, Shared Safety and Risk develop bespoke systems aligning with your risk profile and organisational needs. We consult with you all the way to ensure systems are dynamic and effective.

Egronomic Assessments


From our perspective workplace, equipment and job design is a critical factor in the prevention of injury. Our approach to ergonomics is to assess the whole person, their environment and their work tasks so that issues related to manual handling, computer and device usage are eliminated wherever possible.

our clients

Meeting with clients

Shared Safety + Risk services a very diverse range of clients from large law firms and multinationals to local organisations.


WHS Risk Profiling

Red Bull was founded in Austria in the mid-1980s and Red Bull Australia’s operations have been steadily growing over the last decade. With over 150 employees and 1000 casuals nationally, its diverse operations include sales, event management, promotional activities and sports marketing. With the changes in WHS legislation, Red Bull was keen to identify its key WHS risks and to develop and implement systems to manage those risks.


Shared Safety and Risk consulted with and observed workers across its teams of on-premise, off-premise, events and marketing teams to identify key work health and safety risks and through a workshop with the senior leadership team, established practical control measures and safety improvement strategies to address the organisation’s risk profile.


We then partnered with Red Bull staff to assist with implementing safety improvements such as:

• Worker and Management WHS awareness training

• Senior Leadership due diligence training

• Development of event WHS induction tools

• Event contractor WHS management advice

• Advice regarding WHS systems development and implementation

• WHS Committee coaching


Increasing worker and management awareness and engagement in health and safety has seen increased reporting and management of hazards and incidents, improved event WHS planning and establishment of a more effective WHS consultation framework. Shared Safety and Risk continue to provide strategic and practical WHS advice to Red Bull on an ongoing basis.

WHS Risk Profiling

Transforming WHS

Shared Safety and Risk has assisted in transforming Australia’s ‘big 4’ banks with its internal audit processes as part of ongoing maintenance of its NSW Self-Insurance license and continuous improvement of its safety systems. With its considerable experience in auditing to the National Self-Insurance Audit Tool (NAT) and close relationships with its self-insured clients, Shared Safety and Risk have been able to provide the bank practical advice to address audit observations and non-conformances.


In addition to conducting management system internal audits on behalf of the bank, Shared Safety and Risk have also been involved in preparation for the 3-yearly Workcover NSW audit via coaching of employees, spot-verification audits and procedural updates.


All Shared Safety and Risk auditors have minimum RABSQSA certified Lead Auditor qualifications and are highly skilled and experienced auditors, with a   focus not only on system compliance but also in the provision of practical, value-add advice for continuous improvement.


WHS System Gap Analysis and Development

Shared Safety and Risk was engaged by a national superannuation company to initially undertake a gap analysis of its operations, activities, risks and the level of effectiveness of its current WHS systems. These were reviewed against the new legislative requirements and whilst the organisation had a positive safety culture, it was apparent that the company’s systems were not tailored to its risk profile or organisational needs and as such had limited levels of implementation.


Shared Safety and Risk identified and documented a company WHS Risk Profile and provided a prioritised action plan incorporating system enhancement and implementation improvements. We have assisted the company with the implementation of this action plan, which has included development of a 3 year strategic plan, employee and management WHS awareness and risk management training, development of a WHS due diligence training module and streamlining WHS procedures and updating them for legislative compliance.


System Gap Analysis & Development




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Find your Why to Lead in Safety

Sue Chennell - Wednesday, February 08, 2017
  • As a ten year old, sitting in the Festival Theatre in Adelaide next to my Mum, I remember being transfixed by the poise, grace and power of the ballet dancers we had a yearly subscription to see. Instead of watching their costumes I was absorbed in their bodies and physicality. Without a doubt this led me to being a physiotherapist, later an ergonomist and in recent times a health and safety consultant. Lately I’ve been thinking about these ballet dancers as I consider WHY I’m in this profession. 
  • Simon Sinek (and his third most watched TED talk of all time) probably prompted it but I’m sure my curious 3 year old who asks me WHY about 37 times a day is the main reason.
  • As a health and safety professional or someone in an organisation responsible for it, it is really worth considering Sinek’s concept of ‘Starting with WHY’ and applying it to our roles to lead and influence.
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Future Proofing Workplace Health and Safety

Sue Chennell - Tuesday, March 08, 2016

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Selling Safety to the Masses

Sue Chennell - Sunday, August 02, 2015

Last year I had the opportunity to deliver a ‘safety workshop’ to a group of 80, twenty-something marketing experts. 
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