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Find your Why to Lead in Safety

Sue Chennell - Wednesday, February 08, 2017
  • As a ten year old, sitting in the Festival Theatre in Adelaide next to my Mum, I remember being transfixed by the poise, grace and power of the ballet dancers we had a yearly subscription to see. Instead of watching their costumes I was absorbed in their bodies and physicality. Without a doubt this led me to being a physiotherapist, later an ergonomist and in recent times a health and safety consultant. Lately I’ve been thinking about these ballet dancers as I consider WHY I’m in this profession. 
  • Simon Sinek (and his third most watched TED talk of all time) probably prompted it but I’m sure my curious 3 year old who asks me WHY about 37 times a day is the main reason.
  • As a health and safety professional or someone in an organisation responsible for it, it is really worth considering Sinek’s concept of ‘Starting with WHY’ and applying it to our roles to lead and influence.
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